Friday, February 26, 2010

Candy Corn Zombies Are Here!!!!

Hey world and the people, creatures and reanimated dead that live here, welcome to our production blog for our animated short, "Revenge of the Lost Radioactive Candy Corn Zombies" Our animated short is being created for the CG Society Contest, "B-Movie Challenge" So to keep up with our production, making of, wip's, concept art, tests, and etc feel free to visit this blog, as everything will be posted on here, as well as, the CG Talk forums.

Also, the team making this short consists of only two people, at least for now I guess. Currently the members are Pablovsky Ramos and myself, Shannon Daniell-Segilola.

P.S. - Here's the CG Talk Link,CG Talk Thead
Keep checking back for more work.

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